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A different way to learn, explore, discover, and create!

The culture of the atelier gives identity and shape to the Reggio Emilia educational approach, and to the philosophy of the 100 languages.


Ateliers are workshops that support learning in core areas through creative activities in which children engage in open-ended experiences. Sand, colors, light, shadows, sound, movements, and nature will give young children opportunities to engage differently and participate in the emergence of a learning environment which is stimulating and fun.


The educator responsible of the atelier (known as “atelierista” in the Reggio Emilia approach) develops meaningful experiences, questions, provokes, builds on specific emerging interests, and promotes dynamic thinking and creative problem-solving.  

At Happy Garden we believe in an emergent curriculum, in which children are active participants in their learning. Teachers listen carefully and develop a curriculum to support each child in his or her personal journey. 

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