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Foreign Language Exploration

How can we help our children explore a language other than English?


As parents we are eager to provide our children with an opportunity to come into contact with another language, knowing that bilingual experience has been shown to improve cognitive abilities and executive functions - especially problem-solving.


At Happy Garden, language exploration happens almost effortlessly by incorporating foreign language exploration during the various daily activities. The child is exposed to a different language while playing and having fun. Social interaction with peers and with teacher, active participation, and the child’s curiosity and natural capability to investigate their environment will do the rest.


General language skills are acquired best through everyday moments — ateliers, listening, talking, laughing, and playing together. Children explore and discover by socializing: interacting with others, and by listening to stories and songs. At Happy Garden, children set the pace and we encourage their uniqueness. We are there to inspire, repeat, build on specific interest, encourage, and make it fun.

Facts About Second Language Acquisition

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