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While providing meals and snacks that meet the highest nutritional standards and the specific needs of all children, we want kids to appreciate food and learn about and practice healthy eating.


An important part of Happy Garden’s philosophy is to involve children of the youngest age by organizing ateliers on nutrition, on taste, and on cooking and setting the table. 

We will grow food together in a veggie patch and kids will participate in the preparation process, excited about eating food they helped make. We engage the children in every aspect of the meal, we stimulate their imagination making mealtime fun, and we provide a pleasant, culturally appropriate atmosphere to encourage social interaction and learning. The teacher is there to overlook, propose, provoke, and encourage social interactions and the discovery of flavors.


At Happy Garden nutrition is more than healthy eating; it is an important part of our educational, child-centered philosophy.



Daily naps lead to optimal daytime functioning and are just as important to children's development and well-being as nutrition and physical activity.


At Happy Garden we partner with parents to understand the child’s sleep (and nutrition) needs to provide a personalized approach that will allow children to get the rest they need.

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